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Do-it-Yourself Computer Repair?

Do-it-Yourself Computer Repair?

I often ask myself this same question and many times I elect to do it myself. I have a gift of looking at complex mechanics and figuring out how it works and hence, how to fix it. Well, sorta. At least I like to think that.

“Why do I want to pay someone else when I can fix it myself and save big DIYGuy Guybucks?”

It SOUNDS easy. It LOOKS easy. It MUST BE easy!

Take my plumbing project, for example. I bought a water softener from a big box retailer after speaking with the salesman, a retired plumber, by the way, and he had me convinced that this would be an afternoon project at best. He asked if I knew how to “sweat” [soldering copper pipe with a torch] and I said “Sure, I grew up in Florida…I REALLY know how to sweat!”

So I went home with my "prize" (conditioner) in the box, put it on the floor in our basement, turned off the water and started cutting pipe. I laid out all the lengths of tubing, pipe joints, etc (and had to make 2 trips for more pipe and joints.) Then I lit up the torch (a most exhillerating feeling) and started to connect all this into a beautifully simple design that just worked and people would admire.

After applauding my creation for a moment I turned on the water. Voilà! I was DONE! This was FUN! Fortunately my spouse was around to admire the one or two drips, leaky joints, flat out jet streams and a myriad of teeny, weeny, itsy bitsy mists that found the most miniscule of holes in the solder joints. Off went the water. I drained the pipDIY Plumbinges (they have to be COMPLETELY devoid of any kind of water or NO-GO on the soldering…it won’t get hot enough. I know that really well, now. I’m practically an expert on what will prevent solder from sticking to its intended surface.) 

In the end I had a working, and tightly sealed, water softener plumbing job that looks like a box of snakes with arthritis. Astonishingly, I was able to accomplish this in only 54 hours, 17 minutes (and $325 over budget.)

 A Place for the Pros

 Fixing computers is a lot like plumbing a water softener. If you’re a professional, it’s a snap. You can do it with ease bServerRackecause you understand all the bumps you can run into, and you have the years of experience we call “skill” that makes this work look easy.

At ISD, we do the “plumbing” for business networks. We know the “fixtures”, we know the “pipes”. We know the tricks of the trade and the skills that make the work look easy. We’re Microsoft certified and we love our craft. As a result, we can save you time and spare you the frustration that comes from your “learning on the job”.

 The End Result

 I now have a greater respect for the guys that do plumbing for a living. So much so that I hired one to come in and fix my original “masterpiece”.

I have realized that there is a place for D-I-Y (after all, I still mow my own lawn) and a place for professionals. The plumber I hired charged me for an hour and had the job done in 43 minutes flat. A bargain at just UNDER half of what I paid for just the materials I purchased (not to mention the 22 hours of labor and travel to and from the hardware store and the day and a half of “no water”.) 

My old pipe "artwork" is stealthfully decorating the back wall of my shed.

 By the way, the softener is working great.

  Bill ArPres2temik
  Innovative Systems Direct

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